Making Of MindCandy

MindCandy is much more than just some captured-to-video demos.

The free preview DVD download and the screenshots/photos below shall give a first impression about the amount of work and the love to details put into the production of MindCandy and why it didn't take weeks or months but years to complete this project. A detailed Making-Of is available at the DVD.

Free download: Released at Assembly 2003 this early MindCandy 2 Preview DVD features a menu in classical Amiga Workbench style (not used in the final version, copyright reasons) and contains 5 of the 30 demos of the final DVD, in the same quality and with all the features (commentary, original and 5.1 channel audio, multiple playback modes) except the multi-language subtitles. Download:

Using a high-end video converter, all demos were captured scene by scene on different machines and hardware variations to get the best possible timing for any single part. In the next step all parts were edited, stitched and re-synced with the (also remastered) sound. The Result: Some demos never ran as perfect in all of their parts as they do on MindCandy :)

Editing the classical
PC demo Second Reality,
Gewinner Assembly 1993

Editing the classical
Amiga demo Desert Dream,
Gewinner The Gathering 1993